Eco-friendly Shopping

C & Triple A has recently introduced the use of biodegradable plastics in compliance with Baguio City Ordinance Number 26, Series of 2007. The use of biodegradable plastic may be a small solution to addressing the problem on non-biodegradable waste in our city. Although biodegradable plastics decompose faster compared to non-biodegradable plastics, it is not a permanent solution to a rising garbage problem. This is why we encourage our shoppers to be part of our eco-friendly shopping program. We call on all our shoppers to get yourself a C & Triple A Earth Bag that is available in medium and large sizes that you can use as your modern day “bayong”. In using our C & Triple A Earth Bag we will provide you with a discount equivalent to the cost of the plastic you save us from using. We all aspire to bring back a greener Baguio so let us all do our part.

Eco-friendly Shelf Tags

Supermarkets use a lot of paper in creating shelf tags. So naturally as we increase the use of paper we also increase the consumption of resources in making paper. Keeping this in mind C & Triple A Supermart has created an eco-friendly way of creating shelf tags by using these basic materials and reducing the impact of paper consumption to our environment.

All you need are the following:

* Recyclable wood (for the frame)

* Stikwell Glue

* Lawanit plyboard

* Chalkboard Paint

* Nails

* Classroom Chalk

* Metal clips


  1. We measured the area where the eco-price tags would be displayed
  2. We created a frame using recycled wood from the building’s previous renovation. A few nails and some stickwell glue did the trick in building a sturdy frame.
  3. Cut a piece of lawanit plyboard similar to the size of the frame.
  4. Paint the cut pieces of lawanit plyboard with the blackboard paint. Make sure that you paint on the smooth side of the plyboard.Note: Using blackboard paint is critical because chalk will be used to label the shelf tags.
  5. After allowing the paint to dry, stick the painted lawanit boards onto your frames.
  6. Once in place you can now place the hooks at the back of the frame which will serve as your anchor to the gondola railings.
  7. Use chalk to write and draw the labels and letterings onto the eco-shelf tags.And there you have it! A simple yet eco-friendly way of labeling your shelf tags.