A Simple Way To Go Green

Hello CTA shoppers! Going green, saving the environment, reducing carbon footprint- these are big words that a lot of people, especially Baguio folks, feel strongly about. Going green is not just a phrase but something that has to be done and lived with conviction.

Have you noticed how cluttered buildings in the central business district have become? We see tarpaulins, streamers and billboards hanging from different buildings all around Baguio. Tarpaulins have become so popular that the message establishments are trying to convey get lost in the “sea of tarps” hung on every corner. It is not wrong to advertise a business, but we are concerned about what people do to the “tarps” once they have served its purpose. We can only hope that the used tarpaulins are recycled into reusable materials after they have served their marketing purpose.

To reduce the printing of tarpaulins, we have employed alternative methods to convey messages to our customers. Baguio is filled with such great artists, artists whose talents sometimes go unnoticed because of scarce opportunities to do so. Marvin, one of our staff in C & Triple A, is one of those artists. He has been gifted with a talent in drawing. We provided Marvin with a canvass to showcase his talent, and at the same time highlight things that are happening in C & Triple A.


Through chalk, charcoal and a little bit of lighting, a simple blackboard becomes a billboard highlighting the special occasions that we all enjoy celebrating.

With a little imagination and recognition of talent, not only do we save on printing costs but more importantly, we have reduced our carbon footprint by preventing one less tarpaulin from going to the garbage.

C & Triple A Management would like to encourage our shoppers to take part in our move to go green and reduce our carbon footprint for a cleaner & greener Baguio City. If you are an artist who would want showcase your talents, you can visit us and contribute to the blackboard canvass, or contact us at 442-8120. Thank you and See you at the Store!